Blinn nursing student encourages fellow graduates to chase their dreams

Paige Friendshuh will graduate with her Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing this month

Paige Friendshuh will graduate with her Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing this month


After a winding road to her Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing, Paige Friendshuh has a message for her fellow 皇冠新现金网 District graduates.

“I hope I can encourage people to chase their dreams relentlessly,朋友说, who will give one of two student addresses at Blinn’s fall 2022 commencement ceremony this month. “When things don't go your way, it's an opportunity to trust in a power greater than yourself. There is no setback too big that you can't overcome when in pursuit of what's meant for you, 你的生活永远不会迟到. Sometimes we have to take things 24 hours at a time and just let it unfold, 即使面对不确定性.”

Friendshuh certainly had moments when she questioned her path toward a nursing career. She arrived in College Station intending to study biomedical science at Texas A&M, 但第一学期后她换了专业, opting instead to earn her bachelor’s degree in sociology with a minor in Spanish.

从德克萨斯大学毕业后&嗯,她申请了皇冠新现金网 副学士护理(ADN)计划. 她第一次申请这个现金娱乐网注册没有成功. Undeterred, 她在当地一家口腔手术中心找到了一份工作, where she coordinated patients’ treatment plans and worked on insurance quotes, 然后将这些细节传达给患者.

“I attribute a majority of the success I had in school to the two and a half years I have been working for them,Friendshuh说. “早期接触病人, 我能够建立一种舒适的对病人的态度, 当我通过布林开始我的临床工作时, I felt less timid because I had already experienced that patient interaction as a provider.”

她在口腔手术中心发展了她的技能, Friendshuh成为一名护士的梦想从未消退. A year after she first applied, Friendshuh was accepted to the Blinn ADN Program.

“没有什么比收到那封邮件更好的了,”她说. “I think for 72 hours leading up to that day, I was checking my email at least every hour.”

Blinn’s ADN program is based at the RELLIS Academic Alliance Complex at Texas A&M-RELLIS in Bryan, 在这里,学生们可以利用设施的16,000平方英尺的模拟实验室. Nursing students spend at least two days per week in clinical rotations, 除了实验室, simulation, 还有讲座时间. Most students dedicate 15 to 24 hours each week to schedule program activities and at least 30 hours per week to study and preparation.

As a result of the program’s employment outcomes and high National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) first-attempt pass rate, 布林已经得到了全州和全国的认可 护理学校年鉴, NursingProcess.org, RNCareers.org, and RegisteredNursing.org.

“Part of what I love so much about Blinn is the diversity,Friendshuh说. “作为一名正在经历这一切的学生, 每个人都有考验和磨难, 把你带到这里的迂回曲折. When you go to nursing school and start hearing other people’s stories, 它会让你在旅途中感觉不那么孤单. Everyone’s story is different, but we all have this mutual goal of wanting to be a nurse.”

Friendshuh credited Blinn’s nursing faculty for helping students establish solid nursing fundamentals before building to advanced skills and concepts.

“The faculty is embracing and makes you feel comfortable about this being an environment where you are free to learn and ask all the questions you have,” she said. “Even when we’re in the hospitals, they are right alongside us, guiding us. 他们是知识的财富,是了不起的导师.”

有一次她开始上护理学校, Friendshuh’s role at the oral surgery office where she worked changed, 从行政人员到外科助理. 现在她就要毕业了, Friendshuh will continue to work there as needed in addition to accepting a full-time position in the intensive care unit (ICU) at St. 布莱恩的约瑟夫健康地区医院.

“我在当导师期间爱上了重症监护室. I knew after one shift that that’s where I was called to be,” she said. “这是一个令人满意的职业. It is hard and it comes with good and bad days, but that’s in any profession. 这是一个工作, 在一天结束的时候, you are providing medical care for someone and improving their quality of life. 这一切都是值得的, 所以我希望作为一名护士, I can show people that it is can be fun with an abundance of opportunities. 如果你不想,你可以不去医院工作, 即使在获得注册护士后,你也可以继续你的教育. 我想不出还有什么比这更好的了.”

That spirit of service and passion for nursing has made Friendshuh a leader within her cohort.

“佩吉是一盏耀眼的明灯. She brings a smile everywhere she goes,” Program Director Karla Ross said. “That’s what I love about being in this community and being at Blinn. I work with these people at the hospital and Paige will be my charge nurse in a year or two. 我很高兴看到我们的学生进入这些领导角色.”

Friendshuh will step forward once again when she represents Blinn’s fall 2022 graduating class as a speaker at commencement on Thursday, Dec. 15. 仪式将于下午6点开始.m. 在布拉索斯县博览中心,并在布林现场直播 YouTube频道 .

“这感觉很超现实,”Friendshuh说. “It’s the end of a rollercoaster chapter, but in reality, it’s just the beginning. 这是你事业的初级阶段. It was a tough two years that required more of me than anything before, but I’m looking forward to that next chapter and what will come from it.”

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